VW ETKA 7.5 China MUST be installed on Windows XP! Not 64bit!

Attention please. VW ETKA 7.5 electronic catalogue from China, especially from MUST be installed on Windows XP, NOT 64 bit system! Here is the how-to guide of ETKA 7.5 catalogue installation on Windows xp operation system.
First, download ETKA 7.5 data and unzip in local disk D:

Note: MUST unzip in disk D:; or it would not run in other disks on QQ:1
(select English and click on Next continuously until it completes)
2.copy LEXHDL5.DLL to local disk C:\windows\system on Emulator
(click on the first button to install…)

4. Copy ETKA 7.5 2016 to Desktop

double click on ETKA 7.5 2016 on Desktop to run

8 10

Note: MSVCR100.DLL is the default library file of vs2010 compiled program just install vcredist_x86.exe to solve the issue


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