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BMW E-sys is the best coding software for F-series,Have succeed to change BMW F10 Werte values with ENET E-sys cable,Here is the step-by-step instruction of changing BMW F10 Werte values with ENET E-sys cable,share the experience with you all!

The following detailed description is from BMW Forum.

Tool needed:
BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface Cable
E-SYS software version 3.22.5
PSdZ Data V49.4
A laptop running Win XP home

1.Connect the ENET (Ethernet to OBD) cable with vehicle via OBD socket
2.Wait until LAN network adapter in task bar has established limited network capacity
3.Open ZGW-SEARCH.exe
4.Open E-sys software
5.Click the connection icon
6.Select your F series model, selection Connection via VIN and click continue
7.Follow system prompt. Click “Read(VCM)”
8.Select CADF with a green check mark file under the module you want to read, select “Coding Read Data”
9.Close error report windows pops up
10.New option under CADF, a folder. Expand the folder and right click the file, select “EDIT FDL”
11.Browse the folder, you will find your option, for example KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG-FB
12.Factory option set to nicht-active. Right click, select “Edit”
13.Then click werte value, click “Edit”
14.The option to change the value in the lower window. Change current value with new, click the button on the right
15.Change werte value==00 to werte value==FF, save settings

16.Open same file under “File Name”. It shows file name and location

17.The E-SYS software display new value name and werte value

18.Save settings
19.Right click FA, select “Activate FA”
20.Select CAFD file you just edited and select “CODE DFL”
21.When DFL coding completed. Close the error report windows.
22.Werte value changing procedure now is completed.
23.Exit the BMW E-sys software and disconnect the ENET interface from vehicle.


Original XHORSE MVCI 3 IN 1 TOYOTA TIS+HONDA HDS+VOLVO DICE is a high perfomance factory diagnose tool for TOYOTA TIS,here is HONDA HDS software Installation Guide for XHORSE MVCI 3 IN 1.

Main steps:
1.Install HONDA HDS
2.Install MVCI Driver

Below is a detailed instructions for software Installation step by step:

1. Install HONDA HDS
Double-click Setup to start installation

Click Next
Click Yes
Select USA, then Click Next
Select GNA600, then Click Next

Click OK

Click Finish

2. Install MVCI Driver
Click Next
Select installation folder, then click Next


Click Install to begin installation


Select Continue Anyway
Click Finish to exit installation

Q: After install MVCI HDS Program on Windows XP, it can read the DTC code, but it fails to clear DTC.
A:There are 3 possible reasons cause this problem:
1) There is a poor contact between the USB interface and the computer. Check your connection.
2) MVCI HDS driver is not successfully installed. See our video and check your driver installation.
3) MVCI doesn’t work with your car model.

Q: I installed MVCI HDS software, and the green light flashes, the MVCI is activated, then I click the “select car model” button, MVCI starts to test, then proceed to the window of mileage and car model selection, I go on enter the list of subsystem and choose the subsystem, no response, all the PGM light, ABS light and SRS light flash, but Honda software prompts “No communication, please check whether the key is insert or MVCI is connected”
A: you can enter into the list of subsystem, it means MVCI can work, but it has no response after select the subsystem, it means MVCI can’t work with this car model, advice you select the other car model to diagnose or advice you use Honda HDS, GNA600 to diagnose Honda, HDS and GNA600 is best Honda diagnostic tool.


Super iCOM is one of the best after-market software for BMW diagnostic, coding, programming in the world, it is also an up-to-date software for online upgrade directly, software installed based on Windows® 8.1 64Bit OS, fit for most of the laptops/ PC in the market with SATA port.

Here is Frequent Asked Question about Super iCom Software

Q1: How many years of free updating can we enjoy?

Super iCOM provides one year free update online service.

Q2: How to upgrade my software via Internet?

You need use the Super iCOM Updater by inputting the serial number and password, after login you can choose the new version to download, the software will be updated and installed automatically.

User name: Serial number (The one find from Read SN icom on desktop)
Password: last 8 digits for password letter.

Attention: As software is large, please download the software one by one.
Q3: What else shall I do before using this item?

Super iCOM software operation is very simple, just insert the SSD / HDD into laptop and power on, and connect the hardware to work with car directly, no need setting anything.

Q4: How can I renew the account if expired?

Account renew is also very simple, just contact with your local dealer, they will provide you the renew ID and password after your payment.

Q5: Software instruction:

INPA Software: Super ICOM has INPA software, but you need to use INPA firmware to work with your car, cannot use BMW ICOM firmware

This software need setup. If you want to use INPA software, then setup to INPA software. If you want to use BMW ICOM software, then setup to icom software.

This is the setup software icon.

If you use ICOM software, Choose STD:OBD first, then save, then enter the software. it is equal to switech the software.


Cheap V2016.7 ICOM Software HDD for BMW ISTA-D 3.55.31 ISTA-P with Engineers Programming Support Windows 7 System has been released in

Works together with BMW ICOM, ICOM A2, ICOM A3.ICOM PRO+A3

Software version:
ISTA-D 3.55.31
VIN: 2016.5.09
Not connected 9000 days remaining

Support Multi-language in diagnose and programming, also TIS diagram circuit: American English, British English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Indian, Greek, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

System Requirements:
Dual-core processor, better above I3; over 4G of memory

Support Model:
It is recommended to use Lenovo ThinkPad: T61, T400, T410, T420, T430, X61, X200, X201, X220 X230 and other laptop with Intel chipset, such as I3 I5 / I7 series.

V2016.7 ICOM Software display:

3 4 5





I am told that this BMW B800 airbag reset tool can work on most of BMW cars between 1994 and 2003. I used it to work for 2001 BMW 735i and 2002 BMW 530i successfully.I bought this BMW B800 scanner online from China guy one year ago for USD$19 . I used it to do 2001 BMW 330i, but I failed. I tried to use it to read the SRS fault codes for 2003 BMW 325i. It performed well. And I also used it to reset the SRS Light 2002 BMW 745Li. In following days, I will continue to use it. The parcel includes 1pc x B800 Interface, 1pc x BMW 20Pin connector and 1pc x User manual. By the way, I want to share you my joke about the obd2 tool. As soon as I received my parcel, I opened it and tested my B800 at once. That was why I had some troubles. When I finished operation, the indicator light of airbag was on all the time. Oh, my god! Was it broken? I called the seller. She told me that my operation was incorrect. I should read the user manual in the package. I followed what she said and succeed. So, for new users, read the manual first before using.


It was because I wanted to reset 1998 328I airbag warning light then and I thought it a good choice since we have two old Bimmers and this tool was cheap. It worked, this tool successfully done in 2 minutes. Recently my 2000 BMW E39 523I got the same problem. So I used BMW B800 again and the airbag light off sobmw on.

Now I will show you how I used this BMW B800 to reset airbag light:


First, I connected this tool with car and pressed the “Enter” button and it showed me “03”.


Next, I pressed “Stroll” button then “Enter” button. The airbag light started blink then it was off.